Condition Statement

Hello to everyone!
Kindly see this scenario
I created a screen and the user is to input answer to the question. Example 1+1=2
So the user is to input the answer which is 2 so if the users gets the answer it displays a screen marked and if the users fails e.g inputting 1+1=3.

Someone should please help out, it is not retrieving the variable. Thanks for your help

Please post a screenshot of your blocks.

Here is the blocks thanks for your guide

You need a variable for the question number. Start its value at 1. Then use that variable for the index # of your List blocks.

Thank tatiang
However, I didn’t get that please can you explain better or anyway you can show it to me. Thanks for the help I do appreciate.

Where would that particular variable block be inserted

Can you post the project link and then I can modify the blocks you used?

Yes sure thanks

Here are the blocks I used:

And the modified project: Thunkable

With some additional modification, this would allow you to use the same screen for all questions as long as the format of questions is similar.

Checking it out now Tatiang!
Thanks for the help and support really appreciate

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