How to code image quiz?

Hello, I am new to Thunkable and trying tio create an app for the first time. I chose four images and question is to find the correct answer from 4 options. I made the blocks. But when I run to test, I see only one picture and nothing else. Why is it so? Thanks

Does your app change the value of the label when you click on an image?

Part of the problem is that you’re not storing the result in a variable. Initialize a variable called something like “correct” and leave its value blank.

Then, when the user clicks on an image, change the value of the “correct” variable to true or false. Variables keep their values between different screens. Labels do not.

Then, on the second screen, you can check the value of the variable to see if the user chose the right image.

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Thanks!! I’ve not used variables in coding yet. I´ll try. Let’s see how it comes. Thanks for your great help.

You’re welcome! You won’t get very far in coding without variables. @Darren has some great tutorials for Thunkable.

Try this one as a starting point:

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