Quiz base on images

Hi All,

I try to create simple quiz base on images but seem my block not really work.
need advice from community here. thank you


Database: i am using airtable


It looks like your “checkanswer” function is checking 2 different types of data for equality.

Inside the “clickbuttontext” variable, you have the image that was clicked on.
On the right of the equality check, you have a list of all of the values that are in the “Answer” column of the airtable.

I would think you’d want to use a “get value” block to get the answer for the specific airtable row that you care about - basically, use the exact “get value” blocks that you’re using in “listofquestions” but access the Answer column.

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HI John,

Thank you for your advice.

you mean i suppose to change here? checkanswer function?

It still not work to me.

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