Help building a simple image classifier

Hello, I’m making an app, where I have to put an image with a label that describes it and a button that asks yes or no when the person presses the button it will appear another image and ask yes or no again (with buttons). Could you help me. Thank you.

What have you tried so far? Where are you stuck?

(Professor hat on!) This sounds a lot like a homework assignment. I think you’ll find folks here will help you if you’re stuck, but we will /not/ do your homework for you. (/professor hat off)

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Hi,@catsarisky yes I’m stuck, I’ve tried many things watching videos and stuff, but I can’t find any that really helps me, this is for a contest is not doing homewrok for me, is Helping overcome this problem, that I can’t do by myself. If you’re not willing to help that’s okay. Thank you

Show us what you have tried.

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If you ask a specific question that shows what you’ve tried, you’ll almost certainly get help here.

So let’s see your blocks and a screenshot? Show us your image with label and the buttons, and your attempt at changing the image to a different image, and so on. And then explain which specific part you don’t know how to do, or that isn’t behaving as you want it to.


This is the design.
However I don’t think that showing what I’ve done will help, because it doesn’t work at all.
I want to put.
In my app I want to ask kids if they are afraid of the thing that if drawn, just presing yes or no(button), then when hvae pressed it then change to other image and ask the same thing.

1 2 3

4 5 6

this are the images

I think you might find out how to do this by watching some of the quiz project tutorials. You can Google quiz Thunkable and watch the videos.


what is empt at changing the image, what do I have to do

Ok, thank you I’ll try

The question was what blocks are you using to change from one image to the next?

@david_wolber has a tutorial here that you can use to get started:

You cut off “attempt”, I think?

What do you have for your blocks so far?

Do you need to record if yes or no is pressed?

LOL🤣 You can’t cheat while @catsarisky is there in the community


No, there is no need to record if yes or no is pressed

so true

OK, so when the person pushes yes or no, you just need to change the image?

In the blocks palette, look for your button (yes or no - you’re going to set up both the same way anyway) - find “when button1 (or whatever it is called) clicked” - it’ll be yellow.

Then find your image on the palette, and in the image’s palette, look for a block that’ll change the image, and put it within the “when button 1 clicked” event…

Yes that’s it
I don’t know what to put next like how to program everythuing to make it work

Did you try what I suggested? (You quoted half of it.)