Has somebody already made 'correct image/clock' app for kids? randomly placed?

Hi I wonder if this is also possible with thunkable…

To click the correct image (randomly placed) and correct automatic?

Thanks to help me

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PS: I found something of @Mark Randomize image + text - #15
but is it that what I need?

Yes, it would be possible.
The 4 clock faces would have to be different images component – or perhaps even button so that the player could click on his or her choice – each associated with a randomly picked image ressource file.

You will however to ensure that one (randomly selected) of the 4 images is associated with the right answer, and that the already picked images are no longer considered for selection of the next image to show (since having one with the right answer 11 is somewhat not that challenging if all the other one show the same wrong possible answer), but that is definitely possible to do.


As said @CBVG do is possible, but I like simple solutions, even though they have some risk for the future.

Do you have a list of questions, a list of images with indexes that are associated with each question and the index of the correct answer, which is specified by the delimiter in question, for example:

a list of images to be with indexes


Select the dial, showing 5 o’clock in the morning?#4

4 - an index of the right of the dial in the initial array of images related to the issue.

Then you must create a temporary list in which the images are mixed in random order and bring them in the form of buttons on the screen.

When the user selects the dial, you will need to get its index (the index can be stored in the Visible property with the image of the button) and compare it with the correct index in question. If they match, then the answer is correct.

No, I came up with the decision even easier. You need to keep the name of the right image after question! This name can be stored in the Visible property of a buttons.

HI people, I’m very new… so I understand a little bit what you suggest:

something like this @actech or @CBVG … please I would like to find a tuturial or App-test


But how to make this possible in an app?
Thanks to make an example


Try a simple example


Press Rundom button for random images without restarting the application

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Thanks @actech,
I understand the variable ‘backgroundcolor for a square w64 h64’ but how a list of pictures?
Can I add picture as background in the squares?

Also how to make arrows in colors?
for example

Thanks to give me some help.


You need to instead use the Background Picture block for pictures as you correctly indicated in the first image.

I do not understand, you want to draw the scale and color of the arrow means Thunkable X? If so, any difficulties, because until Thunkable X is not possible to draw and make the inscriptions on the canvas.

There are more complex way - to create a line of scale in the form of black Column. Under this Column need to create some Label c numbers in the Row. draw arrows will be difficult, but it is possible to use two different colors as the Column line arrows without tips. All of these items you will need to align and use absolute positioning - this would be very difficult.

thanks but I don’t know where the images need to be uploaded in Thunkable…
I typed
red.png = answer1.png = clock11_10.png
green.png = answer2.png = clock11_20.png
blue.png = answer3.png = clock11_25.png
yellow.png = answer4.png = clock11_40.png
this is to much work to make all clocks ==> other idea

Other idea to make images: blanco clock with onto 2 lines that maybe we can let spin the big and small lines to a clock by entering only the numbers of a clock…

The idea for the arrows :can we make the lenght of a line connected to an input value?
so the linr grows or shrink by the value…

thanks to help me
… and the kids

Check “Study clock app”.


Other idea to make images: blanco clock with onto 2 lines that maybe we can let spin the big and small lines to a clock by entering only the numbers of a clock…

To implement this method requires the block to rotate the components and positioning the center of rotation. Such blocks Thunkable X is not present.

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> The idea for the arrows :can we make the lenght of a line connected to an input value?
> so the linr grows or shrink by the value…

This can be done, but you need to explore the possibilities Thunkable X. In Canvas component can be used to create and watch, and arrows with the coordinate axes but my application above creates a lot easier.

Waauw this is working…! Thanks a lot @actech

but you gave the images the name with a number?

Why can’t I see the image in the file browser?

Students like points,
can they be send to the teachers email?

thanks a lot…
I’m looking forward!

Because now I need to work with edpuzzle.com

and can it be also this way?

I renamed the file names for convenience. You can not rename them.

This watch I cut from a single image using a graphical editor

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Use the Image component to display images in the application.

If you want a preview of the images in the IDE, please report it to the developers - https://docs.thunkable.com/bugs-and-feature-requests

Because now I need to work with [edpuzzle.com ](http://edpuzzle.com)
and can it be also this way?

This can also be done if you are confident in their ability to do so in Thunkable X…

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Thanks a lot, but the only thing is I don’t really know to make text into a blocks of the colors…
The problem is solved for one example, know I have to try myself.
But, normally I like www.goformative.com also a lot but multiple choice WITH images is not free…
so I like much more thunkable… but I have to learn still a lot.

Should it be also possible with a slider to navigate to the questions,
so the students know the number of question ?

The way www.goformative.com works is a long page with all the questions: I would like more thunkable with each question on a new screen and bullets under it… do you understand me better when I show me my example? http://goformative.com/join/COABRN

A youtube-slider can go left and right to a video the way Edpuzzle works?

Should it be also possible with a slider to navigate to the questions?

Yes, you can use the slider. But you need a discrete slider, so it jumped at the desired point.

Width = Fill container
Max value = 4
Step = 1

Text to color:


App with navigation on slider. To eliminate the jumping of the slider when the page is opened it must be placed on an invisible Column, which will become visible after the installation of the slider.


This is an example to demonstrate the use Slider. It has particular, but I have not be able to talk about them, because that you have to write a whole book to do so. Try to start to explore the documentation Thunkable X - https://docs.thunkable.com/

In it you will find just a lot of answers to your questions.

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Waauw cool, I want to wonder how you can add a next question into the ‘screen 2’…

1+) Please if the answer is correct, can the border of the clock become green (if the answer is wrong: red) , a popup is good idea for more information for the child.

2+) The slider ‘bullet’ should become red or green when it is a correct answer or not…

3+) Can it be possible to check the number of times the child had to test to get the correct answer?

Thanks a lot help me out
Thanks to help me so fast