Random Math-exercices posssible for kids?

For kidsschool I need to produce random exercices for table of 2x :2 x4 x6 x8 x10

also to learn maths to 1000 in + and - we call it also thousandtallen - hunderdtallen - tentallen - units

Sos it possible to generate for example 10 random exercices for example 312 - 50 =… answer should be checked correct or not… for the child

who can help me?

I already asked to check what is typed in my other post…

thanks to help the teacher and children…
I found tuturial for toggle menu to navigate to several excercices

and tuturial for random answers


This is indeed possible. I would suggest some code to:

  1. Generate Random Numbers
  2. Generate the Answer
  3. Compare the Students Input to the Correct Answer
  4. Keep Track of Number or Correct and Wrong Answers

I do this in my TipTrainer app. I generate a random dollar amount, calculate the correct tip, then check the user’s entry, and then update their score. Here is most of that code:

And I cover random number generation in these videos:

Happy Coding!


Hi @Darren , thank you so much

Please can you ask a tuturial to make something for kids that must understand maths…
something like this:

I found it diffucult to find ‘how to check if the answer is correct’?

sums between 0 and 1000 for example…

and comma numbers, 0.1 → 0.001

and percentage = divide…

how to add a check for the correct answer?

Thanks to help me


Your problem can be solved very simply by using JavaScript, as it contains a calculation of the expression specified in the text. But this app will work only in Live and will definitely not work in due to the iOS app.

If you do not want to use Javascript, then you have to create an interpreter mathematical expressions. Examples of such interpreters available on the Internet. To put it simply, must do the following:

  1. Split the string into tokens - numbers and symbols of mathematical operations that are put on the list
  2. Check the correctness of the token because the children can enter invalid characters in numbers and mathematical operations
  3. If the expression is made correctly, then send it to a function that corresponds to the mathematical operation.

@karelrosseel82 Here is an example I put together based on your questions and the picture you showed. It generates a random question and then breaks down the answer when you press check.


This will need some tweaking as the numbers get bigger. You need to really think about what you want to happen. Write it down. When the button is pressed, this number should show x and this number should show y. And so on.

If you can write out what you want to happen, you are 75% of the way there.

Happy Coding!


Waauw @Darren cool done…

I supperised this works…
But also for the child only the answer is red or green …
everything red is scary

So please can you give the blue box with the number inside red /green when it is correct?

I made this example as copy of yours for the moment.

1+) Please can the child have a menu to check other examples or typ the value of the exercice
2+) please can you check what is wrong: when I try an example of 0-99 there comes a minus
3+) Check the number of times that the child need to push the ‘check/help’-button
4) check the number of excercices

4+) Possiblity to make examples of different maths excercies

This should be very usefull in our classroom!

Thanks a lot


hi @Darren or @actech, and @domhnallohanlon

I checked my self to get the bordercolor, or textcolor of an Input-text,
but it is not possible…= bug? or feature in the future?

PS: I found a solution to get the correct answer for numbers between 0-100

But is it possible to navigate the way this app does:

App with navigation on slider. To eliminate the jumping of the slider when the page is opened it must be placed on an invisible Column, which will become visible after the installation of the slider.

( from item : Has somebody already made 'correct image/clock' app for kids? randomly placed? - #16 by actech )

It sounds like you want to create a variable that the student can select:

  • Level 1 - 10
  • Level 2 - 20
  • And so on

Add a list viewer, then when the student selects a level, the question screen is shown with the cooresponding level value (10, 20, etc) already set.

You can add a variable to count the number of questions generated, and another to count the total correct. You can update these, when the Check button is pressed.

Hey Darren,
I updated your version to this:

exercices of 2 numbers from 0-10 : Thunkable
exercices of 2 numbers from 0-100 :Thunkable

how to combine form one app to an other… is that possible online (on windows computer - viewer? by a link?)

Children can than practise at home

PS: do you have a good tuturial about giving points to the total correct answers
It should be checked if the kid directly could make an answer on the question (=check1-button), or seen that the kid used the help button = check2-button.

What do you think of my solution: hiden rows and putting a V when it is correct?

A printscreen:

If you have suggestions, please tell me … and send me some good tuturials to link multiple exercices


hi @Darren

When I want to count to 1000 I need to show an other drawing: with a line…

how to make this : border-right: color black?
The first charachter of the second number with 00 or something = join? is this possible in thunkable?

please can you give me an example how you would do it?


Also I will have the same problem for minus:
the first number need to get underneed directly in a square … is that possible with input-data in thunkabele?

Thanks to try it out for me

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You do not need separate apps, simply use variables to control the different levels.

As I mentioned before, a simple if block and variable will accomplish this for you.

Check the advanced properties panel for border color.

In the text blocks, there is a join block.

You have a good idea, but I can’t make the app for you. You seem to be struggling with a lot of the basic concepts and introductory pieces of Thunkable. I would recommend watching 10 - 15 of Thunkable’s beginner tutorials before moving forward. See here:


Thanks a lot
I found the quiz tuturial also

I start learning this weekend.
But the mahts example already works

Greetings en joy

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