Help me with block

Hi, I am making an app in which a random number is written in the starting then the user has to answer mcq questions and the options in the mcq will be associated with a number which will be added or subtracted from the initial number in start and then show the result accordingly.Note:it will have multiple options ,please send me the picture of the blocks

Can you show me some examples ?? or elaborate it clearly ??

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First the user has to write a no like this

Then has to answer some mcq questions like this
After like 5to 6 question and there will subtract and add in every single question then result will open like this in this the user has clicked option (a) that is +2 so the result is accordingly

Please send me the pics of the block and thank you sooo much for responding

And please tell me if you are having any problem now too to understand my words

No doubt !! You are making a tricky app @Ashok_Singh1 :wink:
Now it’ll be helpful for me if you send your AIA. So, i can edit it easily.
But if you want the blocks image then kindly wait i’ll send you by Monday.
This will have like 4to 6 question but to reduce your effort I have putted only 2 for your ease and I want every question on the same page too so please if you help me with that
Thanks a lot again​:blush::blush:

And this Aia is just a sample just to get block from you

:grin: :grin: It’s ok buddy !!

So please send after you done it

You are making a calculation app ! i.e when the user put data in 1st screen then you send him to the next on. and at that point you are asking some questions and according to that question you are adding/subtracting numbers to the given one. and at the end you are just showing the addition/ subtraction result.

am i right ??

Yes very right and there will be many questions

Your AIA is ready !!

Download : Modefied_sample_app.aia (9.4 KB)

Enjoy !! :star_struck:

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Thanks from my bottom of my heart i was stock in this block from 4 month i asked the same question to like hundered of people but no one could help me you only help me .Can you please put all question on the same page please
and also when i pressed back page 1 open and when i pressed back from that again page 5 opened please correct it.I want to close the application from page 5 when i press back
and please tell me if i can help you with anything

Your welcome @Ashok_Singh1 If you really want to help me then please visit this link :

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I yeah absolutely and i will myself promote your channel just help me with the last thing i mention previously
thanks again

subscribed you

Ya it’s possible to put all question on the same page. Can you send me the full aia or Questions and Answer ( which is required ) So, i can complete this work.
Do you want to close the app after 5th screen ??

yes ,and show me with two question only i will see if i can do it otherwise i will ask you later ok


i want to close the app after when i press back on 5 screen and can you put share option for the number that has came on social media sites on screen 5 only

please send me that
and please make any type of 1-2 question more so i can understand it better
and i promise this is the last request i am asking you