Using Test Flight to check my design

Hi all, thanks in advance for any response to this.

I am having a few difficulties in the appearance of my app. It looks great in web preview but on the live test companion app it looks different in places. I know this has been an issue for many. As I am not sure which one to trust, if it worth using testflight to check what the current design of my app is, even if the app is not finished yet. I’m not sure if this is possible, as I can’t quite figure out if apple will review it first for internal testing, or if that is just for external testing. Any advice on using testflight to check the design as I go would be greatly appreciated. Or even on which appearance to trust (web preview or companion app) bearing in mind I am making this for app stores and not web.

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Yes, 100%

If you want to run a publicly accessible beta then Apple will get involved in the review @simonwriteclubdi - but in your case it sounds like you just want to invite a couple of folks to a private test in which case no Apple review happens.

There are some minor differences in the Thunkable Live app, mostly because of additional bar we are required to add at the bottom of the screen, so if you have access to Test Flight then that will show you 100% what the app looks like installed on a device.

What sort of app are you hoping to publish?

Hope that helps!

Amazing response, thank you.

Its a simple and yet complex app aimed at teaching writing through completing a story. Similiar ish to the old fantasy books where you make choices about what happens next and that impacts the story you end up writing. Hence, design is really important to give the whole thing a movie/comic book feel to it.

Ill set up test flight now and give that ago.

Thanks again for speedy and thoughtful reply.


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