UI looks different in the companion app

Hi all,

My app’s UI looks very different (e.g. adding shadows to labels, text input fields) in the testing app (on Android phone) compared to what it should be and how it is displayed in the the web viewer.

Is this just due to limitation or know bug with the testing app?

I am concerned about deploying the app into the Playstore as I have currently no means to verify how will it look after it is released.

Any help would be much appreciated!

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The preview in the computer is not an accurate representation of the app. When you design an app you are setting your goal to a platform (Web App, Mobile, Tabs, Responsive browsers). You should regularly test in that specific platform. In case your target platform is the mobile then you have the Thunkable App to test with and then install the APK for Android devices or install the app through TestFlight for iOS devices.

This way, you know exactly how will it look like when you publish it to the stores and users install it in their devices.

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Thanks @muneer this is exactly what I was worried about.
I am using the Thunkable App to test on my Android device and oh boy it is not good…
I dont see the option to set a target platform for the project and I have started building the app assuming what I have built in the drag and drop interface and the final product on mobile will be more or less like for like. I was expecting some alignment issues due to different screen sizes but not what I am experiencing now…

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Remember that the Drag and Drop is still in Beta stage

So not everything in it would necessarily work as expected.

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