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First time utilizing this great community which had helped us a lot in the past simply by reading previous topics. Hopefully a pragmatic solution can be proposed by some of the great minds out here.

Summary: Creating dependent lists based on user selection with respect to Country, State City. In essence, the first selection allows a user to select a country (DONE). Upon doing so, the intention is for a new list to be created which only includes the cities applicable to the specific country they have chosen (skipping the State for now, as once a solution is found we can easily duplicate).

The Database: We have a 43,000 rows long list stored as a Thunkable table (not airtable, no API, no Google Sheet). Each row has City, State, Country.

Progress: We’ve created the country selection list, which gets activated when a button is pressed. The item selected is then displayed in the button text. That works just fine.

Next Step/Problem: For example, if the user has selected United Kingdom as their country, I wish to “search and pull” only those cities who’s ‘country column’ reads United Kingdom and put them into a new list which will be displayed to the user when they press the second button (city select). This obviously has to be dynamic so that the list changes according to the actual item selected by the user in step 1.

I’ve been looking throughout the forum non-stop but couldn’t find a solution that is simple and works great. We’re using the Thunkable table as it seems to be the fastest to pull out the results. Also important to note that we are using List Viewer to display the lists and not Data Viewer.

I look forward to your feedback. Thanks in advance.



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I have created two different demos for this.
This demo project lists the entire table and when you select an item from the List Viewer in the lower half of the screen, the DVL (Data Viewer List) will show rows containing the selected item.
Click the button in the bottom of the screen to go to the multi-election screen which gives one way to implement a selection of multiple choices.


Dear Muneer -

Thank you very much and apologies for the delayed response. I’ve been traveling.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to fully understand how this would work in my specific case as our structures seem to be quite different in nature. In my case, a user pushes a button (country), a list opens, they select a country. Once they do that, I wish for the lists associated with the two buttons below (state and city) to automatically be filled with the applicable states/city within the chosen country.

Apologies if I am being confusing as a newbie.



Can you provide example Google sheet so I can work with it and show you how to implement?

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For searching/filtering local tables we have a demo here:


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