Filter for users

I’m new to thunkable.

I need help filtering a list of tasks added in a single airtable or sheets, so that it automatically filters according to the user.

Hello @appwammy
The best way to filter your database is throught the functions of AirTable

How use this recursos?

This helps ?


I need to filter the task list for that user, so that it appears in his listwier or only his daily tasks.

these tasks will be added within a single data table. there will be about 150 simultaneous users within a single base.

so I need that within the application of each user, show only the tasks assigned to him.


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In that case, except for AirTable, you must use a local table and a function with repeat and condition to insert the correct data into your local base.
Please let me know if you require assistance with the implementation. As a contractor, I can create it for you.

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You can use a Data Viewer List which by default shows all entries but create a function to go through all the list and hide any entry not related to the user.