How to show filtered airtable data on my app

My user will input some data on Airtable, and they will only have access to his own data. I want to filter this by the User ID, that’s in the first column of my table. I’m using the beta interface, and tried a lot a ways to do this, but none of them gives the result that i want. Sorry if i’m not clear, trying to explain in English!

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This will help you a lot

Video playlist from @Darren


I’ve already seen this series of videos. But one of the features that he uses is no longer available.
He uses the Getallrows, and i don’t know where is this function now.

Are you using Snap to face interface or Drag and drop?

Drag an drop…

oh! drag drop doesn’t have airtable component so…
Making on stp would have been better.
This is all i know maybe someone else knows better?

Are you displaying your result in a Data Viewer List?

If yes, you can use the list of values block in Data Sources drawer to get a list of values and do your conditional test.

You can show a screenshot of your blocks so others can give a better advice

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My blocks are in portuguese, so i’ll translate to you.
Lista ID Meus Equipamentos is the mails list.
The User ID in purple block comes from my table, giving the users e-mail, and it works.
I’ve got a list of this e-mails, but i’ve done the conditional test, and don’t know where to go on the next step.

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Your if condition should not work. First start with a loop to take the entries of the list one by one and test the condition per item in the list.

See this example

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It Works! The list show only the selected mail. Now i want to show some data on this row.
:grinning: :grinning:

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Glad that this helped

It helped a lot. But i’ve used the row id, and then used the mail to filter.

Thanks @muneer

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