Using Databases like Azure or AWS!


Is there anyway I can use other databases like Azure or AWS with Thunkable?

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You can maybe find API from azure or aws

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Hi adham,

thank you for pointing out this interesting question.

last weekend, I did some backend coding with a friend of mine (I am a total noob in that backend stuff) and he made a spring boot webservice with maven. He told me, that this could be hosted on Amazon AWS (and I guess also on Microsoft Azure).
I used thunkable ios and android WEB API to GET and POST stuff, especially java objects. thunkable android is a bit annoying as it lacks of full java object support. thunkable ios is way better in this <- thunkable ios is actually crossplatform and the future. hope this helped.

feel free to ask more detailed questions and more important let us know, in what you succeeded!!! :smiley:


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Hi User81,

Thank you for answering my question, can you please share how to do that.

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