Configuring web API in thunkable

hello there,

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    I wanted to retirive data from aws cloud to thunkable app.
    i had created an API from (Amazon Web Service ) aws cloud.
    i need to configure it in thunkable, tried seeing some tutorials in youtube, but still confused how to retrieve it.
    any one has any tip or suggestions please let’me know.
    below is the api in aws cloud

The API Url is no throwing any data. Are you sure you have somethnig to display on the JSON?


yes, data is to be uploaed later, first wanted to try the connection between cloud and app.
Is there any way i can connect.
please do let me know how.

Well maybe the connection is present but (i think) with at least some test data you can see if the app retrieves it.

The only way id Either setting the Web API component with such URL or setting into the blocks os you can manage the combinations of requests and API Keys if present

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@aldemar.hernandezi Yes you’re right,i got the data now in aws,The main thing i wanted to know is, how the data will be recieved and where should i store it. Should i create a local DB and configure it, also how the access the recieved dataset for further displaying of dataset in graph format in app.

i tried to access the data by typing the url in you screen capture:

and i got this response:
{“message”:“Not Found”}

after you store some live data in it, try what i did - you should get a json-formatted string as a returnred result - you can use the blocks under the objects category to parse the data.
you can store the parsed data in local storage or airtable if it’s a flat table.

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Well depends on the final purpose of the App. I’m nore prone to store in variables since i’m more close to News Based JSON where data is delivered on that format. When is DB based things are fuzzy for me.