Retriving data from AWS Dynamo db to thunkable

Hello there,i need to create an app to get the data being stored in AWS cloud(Dynamo Db) to the thunkable app and display it, i have tried ,but not finding a way.
I am trying to make an app that displays wave like nature of human brain.The data will be present in AWS CLOUD.
please do suggest me how to get it done.

Hey @immanuelkp29794 - I think that @kartik14 has some experience with Dynamo DB, he might be able to help you out with this?

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Thanks for tagging @domhnallohanlon

Yes, in the upcoming Hackathon, the project I would submit would be fully dynamoDB based :smiley_cat:
I would surely post a tutorial about this!

Thanks! :blush:

@kartik14 May I ask if there is any update in this ticket?

Hi, @darweeshworkqxl! Thanks a lot for expressing interest, but unfortunately I had to dismiss that project due to some reasons. So, the AWS part kind of never completed. Sorry for this :sweat: