Looking for someone to help me connect an app with a SQL database in AWS - Real work $$$

Hi guys,
I am doing and RFP for a company in DC. and one of the requirements, the only one I do not have the knowledge in thunkable is connect the app with a database SQL in AWS.
If you know how to do it , and show me that it works, (I do not need to see the blocks, just make sure it works) I will hire you if I get the RFP (Which I have a big opportunity to get it and is good money)
This is a real gig, not beginner one.
If you happen to know that this is not possible, please let me know and I can just let this app go.
So guys, please let me know.

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You should be able to make SQL calls via your browser. It would simply mean appending certain values to your query string, right?


Can you be more specific of what you want it done in the SQL side. I already made an app to connecting to SQL DB hosted in AWS but not in Thunkable. Porting my work in Thunkable should not be a huge task but need to understand specific requirements before I can open my mouth.


Hi Guys, thank you for reply, I am still collecting more information and will let you know.