Thunkable integration: Connect Thunkable to a Backendless backend

Hi everyone,

I found this awesome article on how to connect Thunkable with a Backendless backend. If you’re looking for a backend and database that’s more capable than Airtable and much easier to work with than Firebase (and also much cheaper!), you should check it out.

Here’s the article:


i agree 100%

the reason i found thunkable and subscripted for it is after that article
im a backednless user for almost a year now and they are really supportive and fix issue really fast.
the best thing is that they also use the same blocks programming for the backend! so its really convenience to use one programming language for the front and backend.

i also wish thunkable devs add the Realtime events for backendless, that will make thunkable a must have for sure.