Using components with Data Viewer List


I want to list a few images with description and thought using the Data Viewer List component. However, I realised there does not seem to be an option to place any components in between the rows. I left one row empty between the upper image and the one below to insert a button, but the button moves down when I scroll down. What can I do to have a button fixed after the image with title and subtitle?

Thanks for your help.

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make custom data list view with dynamic components

How do I make a custom data list view with the new updated version? I cannot see the advanced tab and cannot create rows or columns. Please let me know.

Are you using the new drag and drop UI?


I know that I cannot have rows and columns, but how will I then create a custom data viewer list?

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Maybe the group component will work?

What is the group component supposed to do? I tried it but do not see how it could be relevant.

make custom data list, means you use the classic UI, build the pic, button, label (titles, text) components in a column group anyhow you like. And use clone block to clone the column group to display your list. Not exceeding difficult to do.

So it is not possible with the new UI?

or maybe use canvas

I guess So. But new UI can do component overlaps which the classic ones can’t.

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