Custom Data Viewer layout not consistent

Anyone else having problems with custom Data Viewer layouts not maintaining component styles?

This seems to be happening with any new layouts I save and then try to use but older layouts still function properly.

Below you can see the layout I saved on the left (white square with slightly rounded corners) and on the right is the same layout after I’ve clicked to select it in my Data Viewer List component.

When I preview the project, the blue circle with “Button” text appears instead of the white square with no text.

This seems like it might be related to this issue which was resolved.

Edit: I can confirm that Image components get transferred with existing properties/styles but Button components do not.


Another problem: Rows/Columns that I set to fill container come out around half the screen width. I can work around this by setting the width to 100%, but it’s annoying having to do that each time. And yes @tatiang I have also experienced issues (only buttons) when transferring to CDVLs.