Custom Data Viewer Layouts not accessible in projects!

Hi Thunkers!
Is it just me or has custom data view layouts suddenly stopped working?
I am in the middle of a project earlier today (29/03/21 approx 16.30 BST), where I was testing various custom layouts between screens then bam the List layout box has stopped updating!!!

Saving the “Data Viewer Layout” seems to work, as the layout shows up in “My Data Viewer Layout” tab although the layouts are not editable and everything is greyed out in the edit screen

Can anyone advise, is this a actual bug or unknown feature :frowning:

Hey @ukhollywood29l v264 was released last Wednesday (Mar 24th) but I can’t see any production releases after this.

That being said, I want to make sure everything is working as it should be.

Are you using your custom DV in a drag and drop project? (The new UI?)

Are the custom layouts not working in one project or in all your projects?

Thanks it was in all but solved the problem!

Thanks @ukhollywood29l - how did you solve the problem though?

It seems that a specific row component within my project was not able to be converted into a data view layout. Once I replaced the component everything seemed to work as expect!

Also found that custom data views can be imported into G2 which gets around the current layout customisation restrictions.

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Cool - glad to hear you got it working anyway!

What’s G2?

Sorry was just referring to your point above it…
“Are you using your custom DV in a drag and drop project? (The new UI?)” Misread G2 as a code name for the new UI. Doh!

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I was thinking that alright :joy:

Yeah, #draganddrop is a bit time consuming to write so we’d usually abbreviate this to “dnd” but I went with New UI above because…well…it’s our new UI!