Dataviewer layout bug?

I have been creating dataviewer layouts, and they have been working.
I modify them for spacing resons, and they still work fine.
However today I deleted the old ones in “My Dataviwer layouts” on the project screen.
The new ones appear on that list, and they can be editied from that screen.
However when I go back to my app and try to load the new layout through “List Item Layout” the new versions do not appear!
So I can see them from the project page so they are clealy there on the platform.
But they are not visible in the app.
I am using Pro, and DnD.
Any help appreciated.

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Hello @knowhow

When using Data Viewer Custom Layout remember that you have two options to affect the update.

  • Edit your custom layout from the My Data Viewer Layout tab in the main Thunkable screen. In this case, the changes will take effect immediately and all what you need to do is to reselect the layout.

  • Edit the actual screen from the project design page and when doing this you need to save the changes and you would actually be creating another custom layout. You will need to select the latest layout. If you prefer this way, you might consider versioning the layout names to make it easier.

Thanks for your response.
I create the custom list from my project design page and save as a list template. Has worked fine until yesterday.
I use version control. This shows under my projects, with the versioned name. All appears great.
However that same version does NOT appear under project design…in fact no saved names appear either, which is frustrating in itself!
I have 11 list templates saved and showing on the projects page, but only 7 of these appear under project design. Are there limits?

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I wouldn’t know if there are but let’s leave this to @jared @domhnallohanlon and others from Thunkable to answer.

When you Edit the design from the My Data Viewer Layouts tab in the main Thunkable webpage then the same layout is updated which can save you from creating lots of templates with minor modifications.

thanks @muneer

Hey @knowhow

I responded in intercom but will double it up here. When you add a 12th layout, do you see it in your list of layouts as #8 or is it always capped at 7 layouts for you?

Is anyone else experiencing this issue of a capped number of layouts appearing in the design screen?

Everything looks fine from the main page (projects), including the new version number.
The problem is within the designer page.
I am trying to use a new template (for space correction).
Not only is my new list template not showing but the template I want to replace has disappeared from the list in design. However this current template still works.

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Yes I have tried that, and it works well.
Not much use if it is not available in the designer/builder.

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Not good. Let me look into this first thing tomorrow. I may be able to do it tonight but it’s 8PM here.

Thanks Jared
2pm Wednesday here!

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Jared and team
I completely rebuilt the template and now everything works!
Thanks for your help.

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Update - Problem identified.
I have sent this email to Jared:

I have identified the problem on both the user and the systems levels.
Two different things are happening:

  1. When a user creates a template, then saves that template, the Thunkable platform accepts and records that template as it is.
  2. However, when the user wants to include a list viewer in an app, the Thunkable platform appears to check the validity of that template, and if it does not meet the necessary standards the ability to link to that template from a designer screen is denied.
    That is valid from a user point of view at it provides a high level of security.
    However, the difference in standards and rules is of concern.
    Why is that validity check not carried out during the saving process?
    If there were user errors, as there were in my case, why are they not identified and communicated so corrections can be made.
    I think you need a green-flag approach that tells your user client that the module they save is valid and can be used.
    Let us talk about how your clients can be better informed.

My suggestion is going to be that active Thunkers be encouraged to document detailed solutions that after verification, are added to the Thunkable help system.
Your thoughts?

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I’m curious to know what type of standards that would prevent the template from showing as part of available templates?

I have not seen it previously and would appreciate if you can provide an example.

This is a good point. you said you id’d the problem. what was not valid in your original design that you fixed?

Agreed but I honestly didn’t know this was happening. I can bring this up during our weekly meetings! One thing I think i’m catching now that you say this is that if the outer most element is a column?

Jared. I think I was saving the template from the column not the the top level for that page/tab

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