My Dataviewer Layouts tab

I found the fantastic function that allow to create a custom layout for datagrid and datalist.
It’s not clear to me if the editor of layouts is active or not.
In the thunkable resource page, i can find a “My dataviewer layouts tab” And when i click on action “edit” it it opens a screen editor in which avery action seems to be blocked.
Is it only a preview? so If i have to change a detail of my custom layout i have to create a brand new one?
Thank you!

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It works OK with me and I can edit and save changes from the edit option in the My Data Viewer Layouts.

Which browser?
How did you save the layout?

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I use Chrome on Windows 10.
As you know the layout can only be created on the old UI. I add a column to an empty screen then add all necessary components to the column and save the column. This is, I think, the typical procedure.

I then see it in the tab and click “edit” which takes me, strangely, to a mixed UI between old and new.


Exactely the same, but in the “mixed UI” I can’t do nothing.
I can select object, but if i try to change dimension or alignment or padding or whatever else, a prohibition symbol appear at the mouse pointer.
Do you have a PRO license?

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Yes, I have a PRO account but I doubt this has anything to do with it.
@domhnallohanlon would be able to confirm.

I think muneer is probably importing the screen into the new UI (which I confirm does make a weird mixed-UI app, but it seems to work OK), and you’re asking about editing a dataviewer list. Those aren’t the same thing.

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@catsarisky currently the DnD UI does not have a way to create a custom layout but no. I did it and used it in the legacy UI. However, when I edit it from the “My Data Viewer Layouts” tab I get presented by the mixed UI screen.

The bottom line, it works.

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Here I’ve posted a video of what I get

I can’t get your video to play for some reason @Giuseppe_Geppo_Catta

Is it working for everyone else?

I was able to play it. Note the first is only a screenshot shot the next one is the actual video.

I give the link to some friends and all of them can play it @domhnallohanlon