My Data Viewer Layouts issues

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Ive been having a wierd issue the last couple of days when working with My Data Viewer Layouts…i have one i created some time ago i use in a app. I need to add some new attributes so i go into the My Data Viewer Layouts menu, and press edit on the one i have.

Once added the new attributes i need i click save as data viewer layout making sure ive selected the top row of the desig pane.

Issue is the new layout will not appear in the menu afterwards…ive tried using different navigators, deleting files and cookies, etc… any known issue??


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I just tested it and it seems working fine.

Remember, you do not need to save the layout. It is Auto Save.. But in the project you need to reselect the layout to see the changes.

Its really extrange…creating a new layout from scrach will work fine but creating one modifying the exisitng one wont.

In fact, i see the modified dataviewer layout can be selected in the project but the new attribute is not bindable so i cant assign a column from the DB…ill keep on checking

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Can you explain what you are trying to achieve?

What do you mean by new attribute?

Yeah. It’s a UI issue. You can’t save a new layout from a saved layout. You end up updating the first layout and not creating a second.

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My original layout had one picture and 5 binded labels to airtable columns. The edited layout has one picture and 6 binded labels.

The layout is saved with the new label but when selecting it in the project, it wont show the new label so i can bind it to a new airtable column

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Correct, but that saved layout will not work properly in the project as the the new labels cant be binded from the IU

This happens if you selected Advanced binding when you first created the layout.

If this is your case then currently there is no solution for it.

oh, thats bad…shouldnt it be possible to at least save the screen design so we dont have do redo everything on a new layout?

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You could raise it as a feature request or a bug

My approach is to have an app called DVL modeler. From there, i create a new screen for any DVL layout i want to create. I can easily copy and move a layout from one screen to another.

This way there’s no need to ‘redo’ everything on a new layout. just a little copy/paste

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See this:

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This is slightly different. In this report you are talking about goin back to the original project that contains the DVL/G layout.

The issue with @fedegarcia30hzc97a is that he is editing the layout from the My Data /viewer Layout tab where you actually update/overwrite the same layout and there is no option to save as in this editing mode.

You’re right although I think I created a bug report or forum post about that issue, too. I’ve had the problem where you edit a layout and it auto-saves when really it shouldn’t.

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