Custom data viewer layout missing

I am trying to create a custom data viewer as seen in this video (Custom Data Viewer Layout - ✕ Docs). I do not see “rows” or “columns” in the interface and in “groups” there are no icons to click on to create a custom data viewer. Has this functionality moved or changed? How can I create this?

Thanks in advance.

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The current workaround is to use the older UI, create or open a project and create a custom data viewer and save it.

Now go to the your original project with the new UI and you will see the custom data viewer you created listed.

got it thanks for the help! is there anyway to revert my current project to the old UI as I am missing some other functionality like updating Icon images?

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Unfortunately, no.
Once you start your project in a specific UI, you stay with it.

got it - thanks again!

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