[User Interface] Simple Forms & Pop-up input alert with bluring gray background

Check this simple UI design.
Please rate my work :slight_smile:

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Wow! :scream:

It’s incredible!!!
Please provide a sample Project :pleading_face:



Hi there, @junjoseph.
I like your work and I rate it
But something feedback here that’s might improve your app design.
1.The icon

  • I don’t know did your icon are get from FontAwesome,but they’re not match.The calendar and time icon with the plus and minus are not match.

Note: Calendar and Time icon are look like their border outline little bit bolder.Plus and Minus icon are seems that doesn’t have a soild border.outline.

2.The dialog design

  • The line of title of Children Info and the close button are look like they doesn’t stay in the same line.
  • Two inputs are classic,you can design it modern.

so I rate it 7 stars if 10 stars is the highest.


Hi @BlueWhaleYT

Thank you so much that you appreciate my work.
I get these icon in this website https://icons8.com/icon/set/minus/material

for the dialog design I get rush for it but yes I need to improve it will like my form design.

Thank you for your tips!

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Hi @kartik14 Thank you so much for your more stars rated on my design. The tip is same on this app that I created.

be creative and make your mind relax while thinking of the designs :slight_smile:

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How about this design of the registration form?Will this design inspire you?
I blurred them that’s you can don’t focus at them.

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This sample is one of great UI design the textbox has a shadow value of 1. thank you for this tip :slight_smile:

They are not 1 value :sweat_smile:

So how you setup the your shadow ?


Thank you for tip!


Which components are these? :thinking:

They look amazing :+1: - can I take an inspiration from your designs for my next app? :slight_smile:

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They are bezier line made by PixelLab and just place it on the white background and use it for the screen background only XD


@junjoseph, I will also suggest a small thing :slight_smile:

The “Create a Job” label’s text should be ~37.5/40 px. (Increase it :slight_smile: )


This is from my Hackathon App, it’s design looks good :slight_smile:


This will look more great. :wink:


The height looks too long :neutral_face: ; Decreasing it, will look good :wink:

Plus, if you need more stylish/simple icons, try www.flaticon.com
This website has good collections, and great interface too! :smile:

These are just suggestions… :slight_smile: (Not mistakes :sweat_smile: )
Hope you like it :smile:

Thanks! :blush:

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Yes,flaticon is a must.I usually use it for finding icons and I usually going to use flatcolor website https://flatuicolors.com/ to find awesome and modern colour.

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The another thing is…

Are there any problems with the line?they are not sticky on the center vertically.

I suggest the box can set the radius.


The line looks awkward, @junjoseph, if you remove the line, it will still look good :smile:

& as @BlueWhaleYT said,

Try setting the border radius of box to 10 / 20 px :+1:

Thanks! :blush:

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