Login/signup [edition_green color] [UI] 🤩

hi thunkers
after a time I got bored with the boring UI
brain comes upon an idea for a login screen at the moment

I really don’t know how I will be

it will depend on u that how u like them :sweat_smile:

it is just ui as of now

I can give apk for now, and when the app is functional ill share
the project file

let us take a look at the project

u excited I knew that

so head

for the main page:

for the signup page:

for the login page:

time for the landing page:

now time for apk sharing

the builder crashed so will give apk soon

sorry for tht leaf image

made on :2020-12-01T18:30:00Z


how is it?

  • very gut
  • great
  • bad
  • ok…ok

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please share your project too

yep i will do it ssoon

Okay thank you :+1:

next edition will b blue color

Little poll i have created choose in this

How is it
  • Amazing!!
  • Mind Blowing!!
  • Superb!!
  • Nice Work!!

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lol seems exciting just it doesnot have bad or ok ok

lol that’s why it is different from your poll

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How does this looks?

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wow its great


i created an topic u caan pos there

y u feel it bad

Yes, you can add borders to text inputs, give a background image, give switch for remember these details, and a button for can’t sign in or up.

Hope it helps,
Kaustubh Maladkar


very great app. waiting for your other projects :smiley:

Superb…this is excellent…

thanks buddy

also thanks too @aneeshharshpanditm3u

im thinking to make project open source

shall i?
  • no
  • yes(maybe paid)

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open source
  • Developer’s choice
  • yes(free)

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