Thanks a lot, Thunkable!

Hello Thunkers! :wave:

It’s a great day for me, -

I was like shocked, when I received a community message from @maauricio - :joy:

Gmail’s AI kept the mail in the Promotions area, while I checked my Inbox 3 times yesterday. :sweat_smile:

Thanks a ton @Thunkable_Staff, for this! :star2: :blush:

Happy Thunking!


The app looks pretty darn cool. Well deserved. You should definitely upload it to Google Play or Apple App Store.

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Thanks a lot! :smile:

I am gonna sell it :grin: :wink:

Any mates rates? just kidding. I hope it does very well for you, it looks fantastic.

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If it’s too costly, contact me for discounts. :grin:

Yeah. Even I am surprised that I only made it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

If you wanna make this kind of design, continue reading :wink: - (@maauricio, You also wanted to use my Design aspects, you try reading too :wink:)

#1 - MaterialX App

This app has great design templates (sample designed screens) from which one of them is the design of my Dashboard, which I think you liked the most :smile:

#2 - Google’s Designing site
And this website - Google’s
They have proper principles for perfect designing. :wink:

#3 - Buttons’ Images
For buttons like My feed, Dictionary, etc. You may have noticed that they have a darkened image as it’s background image, I made it from here -
Try it -

#4 - Icons
Next, for the icons, I used Flaticon. That’s my favourite site for Icons. :wink:

If anything’s left, Google’s your friend. :wink:

Glad you like it.


@eoinparkinson, you would get a lot help from
It’s a very useful website, it helped me too!

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This is a really useful collection of resources @kartik14 - thanks for sharing.

Would you mind making some posts about them in the #creator-lounge with a brief explanation of how you are using them in your own app?

Also, congrats on the Hackathon win - great job!


Congratulations, Kartik! You deserve it! :smiley:
it’s a shame that the runner-up doesn’t win any prize :rofl::rofl:


You will also receive $20, plus a cool certificate :wink:

Really? Where is it written? I didn’t find it anywhere

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I think u didn’t read the blog correctly :joy: