Hi there!Here is BlueWhaleYT.
Have you ever seen my previously topic which is the first design of SIGN UP AND SIGN IN design UI.So nowadays,I’ve to design it again and using gradient and bezier that look like more professional and modern.

This is the previous version Click Here

This is not my own imagine,this is I tried to remix it from Pinterest.

They are not made on Thunkable,they are designed by using the prototype tool.

To act on Thunkable,I suggest you’ve to design it for them first.

What if the poll has much polling,I might do a version for Thunkable.

  • Fabulous
  • Worst design

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I have a suggestion for you, (silly too :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: )
Remove the Worst Design from the poll, because the UI seems great :wink:

Now some real suggestions, :sweat_smile:

  • Do increase the text_input hints, and the button font size. (It’s too small)
  • The email box, set it’s hint to “Enter Email here” & password box’s hint to “Enter Password here
  • Also, the profile picture button should be solid color (pure white); the transparent grey looks quite :woozy_face:

These are just small suggestions, don’t change the color scheme - it looks great. :smile:

Thanks! :blush:

Hi @kartik14
Thanks for any suggestion.They are just design as a sample,the real design will be released in the ap :blush:

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This looks great!

This could all easily be reproduced in Thunkable, as long as you had an image file for the background and a (semi-transparent) image for the profile placeholder.

I’d love to see this design on top of our Sign In sample app!

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Hi. That is super nice. Would you mind to share with us the assets (Background image, profile image, Font type, etc)?

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Hi there @fabioirmao
I’m glad that you are appreciate of my remix design.The background image start from the white colour background and continue to design by using bezier line to do this similar design.
The icon is used Flaticon,which is I frequently to use.
The font is Amaranth-Bold


wow beter than me :disappointed_relieved:

great i liked ur waves