Thunkable custom UI

Hi all,

My first app using Thunkable - I wanted to see how far i could go with custom made UI -


good,very beautiful!
how to make it?

I have only a question, how did you made those shadows? This whole ui looks beautiful

Also, I don’t think you have a copyright. Don’t add © 2017

Already made it or do you mean to ask how to make it?

Used photoshop to make the button and imported it .

noted on the copyright - used resources from an old project and forgot to remove .


Buen diseño, sencillo e intuitivo.

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English please

Press the globe to translate

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Hey there, @kelvin_Aongola.
Although I don’t know does this design is ready to use for X or Classic.
Nevermind,this is a great design that I ever to seen here (community)

However,I’m not ensured you were going to use red button with red background,even the button has a shadow but I do not think this is true way.
I prefer to use the button with white colour with black shadow to match the red background.

Moreover,the down arrow should be make it smaller and it will look brilliant.
The typing box and the select box make the radius of the border (just does not good view with square).

Above of these suggestion and reaction are just suggest only and I’m not expect to you will do it accuracy.

PS:Is not learnt any app design person.

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This is a 2 year old topic.