Neumorphic Design example

Here is what it looked like on a iPhone 12:

Can you share which values did you use in the shadow to make the buttons this style?

I believe that the icons he uses have a transparent background and this way you can see through them and then the shadow cast by the buttons.

But with what values do we get this shadowing? what elevation, height, width and etc…

Thy these settings with a button (iOS only):


@oreeldadln - moving this to #creator-lounge for now, thanks for the question!

@yoannrky4dd we’ve had a few other Thunkers asking about this earlier in the community too:

cc @tobi @bluerfox15uht9 @mythi

Hi @oreeldadln,

I may disappoint you, but the screen you see with the red background is made with Bubble, it’s a Web App encapsulated in our Thunkable App with the Web Viewer element, and I don’t think you can have the same style of buttons in Thunkable (at least not as I know).