Neumorphic design

I’ve been working on the “style” of different objects for a while (over a week) and I can’t seem to get anything to have a neumorphic design.

Has anyone tried to do something like this before, if so, could you share what shadow, direction, etc you used to achieve it?

Thanks! It’s one of those things that you try for hours,.
And all you get is a headache in the end…

Hi @bluerfox15uht9, I think one way to do tthis would be to design backgrounds (of labels, buttons, or the whole screen) with those effects. You could also set buttons to be raised at the bottom of the Simple category. You should also play around with the Shadows category in Advanced >> Styling, if you have not already.
Hope this helps!

Yhea, problem with that is, raster graphics don’t scale like vector graphics. . . Sucks…

Thanks though

The designs in image are great!
Do not forgot to share your app after you completed.

One way to do this is that -:
You should firstly make graphics of the size of your component, then play with background blocks. This way you will get exactly what you want.

Also see this -:

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