User Customisation of app labels


I am trying to set up my app so that users can customise labels. To do this I have connected Airtable and have no trouble saving/sending the users inputted label edit to Airtable.

The issue i am having is setting up the Blocks, to show the users edits in a label and keeping it there indefinitely (load this edit each time the user logs on).

Is anyone able to assist with this? I have used the data source blocks ‘Get values from’, ‘get row object from’, but have not yet been able to sort it out.


Can you show us the blocks that you have?

Sure, please see here.

With my limited experience, I will take a stab at this.

You have 2 instances of “when ButtonSaveHygieneEdit Click” and I believe that this may confuse the code as there is no way of knowing which will be processed first.

So, I would move the “set LabelHygiene Text” in the second Click block and place it under the “set LabelHygiene Visible True” block.

What you could also have to do is a copy the Set LabelHygiene text - get value from SALSAFE APP block and add it to the Housekeeping Checks test Open block. This way when the screen opens it pulls that data from the table and updates the label’s text.

If you have any issues and want to share the project URL, I will see how I can help further.


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