Use any component to Reduce Slowness when coding blocks

(Return 60 errors for editing this blocks)
if you go into the developer’s mode on chrome you’ll notice that for each block you add like button, label, list viewer, etc… will return an error for each block

(Returns only 4 errors for editing the same amount of blocks)

you can use a procedure for editing the same properties of the same blocks if you have many of them… this could help you to reduce delay when you have more than 400 blocks in the screen

it works the same with other components. If you change a lot of properties of the same component this could help you to reduce delay when coding… only to reduce cuz it will still be a little delayed

It works for me! don’t know if I’m the only one who finds this useful :crazy_face:

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Cool if it works!

But in your first screenshot you set the button text to the button text, while in the second screenshot you set the text to hola mundo, try making them do the same thing to be sure that you have an improvement in performance.

I’ll test it as soon as I can where possible.

You made a mistake in the second screenshot, the button4 variable in the function should be an orange (variable) one.

haha it was a lazy example couldn’t explain everything the only way to understand me is by testing it within your app ! :sweat_smile: