Component creation speed since last update (Live ver. 120)

Increasing the speed by 4 times is really good, but I was surprised to see that in a real project the list created using any blocks works at the same speed, which requires additional research. At the same time, 100 buttons in WebViewer are displayed instantly.

You are talking about changing the way code is generated. I see it. Until the last update, the Create and Clone blocks worked synchronously, for which reason the cycle time was equal to the time the buttons were displayed on the screen. After the last update, the cycle time decreased by 100 times, which indicates that these blocks now work asynchronously. This means that the main delay occurs either when creating components, or when rendering them, or both of these factors have an approximately equal effect. I’ll check it out.

After the last Live update, I see big problems. For example, the blocks below do not work correctly and create an arbitrary number of buttons


Press Button2 in Live and see the problem (only 2 buttons are created!)

The blocks below are used to create 50 buttons. After that, the time for changing the Text on 50 buttons is measured. On my Android 8.1, it takes about 10 seconds. Now it’s clear why lists based on Any components did not work faster.

Mark, according to the test, I see that 100 buttons in Live on my Android 8.1 are created in 0.072 seconds, but these buttons appear on the screen after 4 seconds. Buttons used to appear after 18 seconds. It turns out that the real speed of creating and displaying buttons has increased by only 4 times? Problem with slow display?

Nice research

In live ver. 120 there is a problem with updating the screen (or rendering components). If you add a component related to rendering before loop, the speed increases dramatically.

I have the problem even on the downloaded v like you know :frowning:

After fixing the 120 version of Live, I see a drop in block execution speed by 30% -100%.

If prior to version 120, one hundred buttons were created in 18 seconds, now it takes 22 seconds, and, for example, 100 Row are now created in 8.576 seconds, whereas earlier this required 4.568 seconds.

For comparison, 100 buttons in WebViewer on the same phone are created in 9 milliseconds. There is something to think about, is not it?