Program with 2286 blocks

I have a screen with 2286 blocks. As you can imagine it’s pretty laggy :sweat_smile:. It runs fine most of the time, but it takes so long for the live previews to update and even when I download the app some of the blocks don’t passover to the app downloaded.

This might be a bit of a long shot, but I was wondering if anyone could tell me anything that makes your program run slow. Or is this only occurring because I have too much blocks? Or a combination of both?

The only reason why I have so much blocks on one screen is because of my navigation;

See I wanted the homepage to have a bunch of screens under the :house: navigation tab.

For example on the home page the user could click a button → go to screen 2 but the selected navigation tab (:house:) wouldn’t change position

As for what the screens blocks are, it mainly contains:

  • airtables + local DB search’s

  • and a bunch of show and don’t show functions to show different columns

  • and several variables that sometimes don’t work because of the lagginess

If this is too specific of a question, please let me know! So I can either add more information or discard it.


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The number of blocks should affect how responsive the editor is (Blocks tab). It shouldn’t necessarily have an effect on how laggy the actual app is. That depends more on how efficient you are as a coder.

That does sound like a lot of blocks. My most complex app has a screen with 1500 blocks and I rarely go above that.

Are you using functions and dynamic variable values to avoid repeated code sections?