Any Component blocks

In this video, I explain how to use Any Component blocks to change a corresponding label when a button is clicked. The button’s background is also changed to reflect that it was clicked.

There is a link to the project on the title screen of the video.


This was really helpful! Hearing these blocks in spoken language is super duper helpful for me!!! Thanks man! I was able to incorporate some of this stuff and save at least 50 blocks in my quiz app that I have been developing for some graduate students! It’s just a skeleton now, so i’m imagining these will save me time and blocks as the app grows.


You’re welcome!

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Thanks, tatiang, that is really helpful, well done!

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fantastic tutorial @tatiang - thanks for sharing!

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Thanks for this demonsration. I did these blocks. However, my input into the label to the right does not happen as expected. The input of the Text Input block (to the right ofthe button on the far left) goes to the % field about and is displayed as the Text input ID number. I need the input of the text input block to be entered into the label to the right. Looking at my block, what should I tweak?