Is there a certain component that makes a "from/set" block available?

What’s shaking thunksters. Im on the last page of my app build and am anxious to get through with the blocking portion so I can get my spreadsheets built and start preparing for release in a few weeks. Ive been having to fly around from video to video looking for very specific block setups and feel that 99% of the video tutorials were made before the dec 2020 update when alot of stuff was moved around and what not.

Is there a certain component that makes a "green “from/set” block available. Anyone with an idea on where to find that. Its not in the docs, its not in any of the videos that ive been able to find which is pushing 50+ at the moment that Ive watched so far.

Im down to the last couple of block sets that I need to finish up my functionality and really wouuld like to be done with this so I begin the much more monotonous task of building spreadsheets lol.

Talk to ya soon hopefully.


Severely Frustrated :slight_smile:

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You’ve asked several times for help without specifying what you need.

What is the exact block you’re trying to find? Or what is the exact need you have?

A green from/set block could be any number of things including an Any Component block.

Screenshots are really helpful.

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I think hé means a block like from label set text for example.
These blocks have Gained new looks.
To make Them easier to understand.
But still do the same.

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That was pretty descriptive I thought but here ya go. Im looking for the “from/set” blocks at the bottom of this pic. Ive got about 4 hours hunting for it to know avail. What component opens up this blocks availability is the question (also described in the original posting btw)

Ive added the pic below. of the resolution Im trying to come up with. Prrreeettttyyyyyy sure thats the last element I need to have all my functionality up and running so I can actually get to the information farming portion.

Ohhhh, this has been changed to set (component name)'s text to. This has been asked and answered many times already.


Havent found that info yet. Have a link that info perhaps? Ive read a crap load of postings on here and have been looking for the changes. The youtube stuff ive watched is from before the last major update so ive had to read up on a little bit of everything to be able to figure things out on the fly. So with that being as it may, if there is a particular doc or thread I should read feel free to post the link.

In the drag and drop interface, the from Component set Text to block is replaced with the set Component's Text to block:

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Yes that’s What i’ve meant

Thanks peeps, Ill give that a shot when I fire up the laptop later. Fingers crossed.

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