Updating your app from app store and data sources

I have a question about data sources and Local DB as I update my app on the app store and after users have installed it.

I have noticed that when I update data fields in a data source in my app the data does not update when I update my app on the app store and installed on peoples device.

Where as when I update Local DB data fields in my app the data does update when I update my app on the app store and installed on peoples device.

Does this sound correct?

Does this mean I should use Data source for user data (user progress data) versus my app content should be put in Local DB?

Are you changing the name of or adding/removing columns in your external data source? Your published Thunkable app won’t be able to access those modified columns.


I’m not changing the name or adding/removing just updating the data.

If you are changing cell values, the new data will show up in the published app. If you are adding or removing columns, it will not work.

To be clear what I’m experiencing is user installs my app version 1.0.0 they play the game then update to version 1.0.1. I made cell updates in version 1.0.1. The Data sources are not reflecting updates where as Local DB is. From fresh install both update.

These will not update if user already has your app installed and upgrade

Screen Shot 2022-05-11 at 10.31.36 PM
While these will update if you make changes when user upgrades

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The tables in your Data Sources are all Local Tables or tables being created using the option Create your own table.

Thunkable has done a smart move here. To avoid overwriting user data, the tables will not overwrite if already existed in user device. This is what you are experiencing.

It would be helpful to other thunkers if documentation stated this detail how your updates will be treated once you start updating your app on the app store, how people who already have your app installed and upgrade which data base will not update versus which data base will.

Now that my app is complete, to switch to Local DB for some of my data is a significant overhaul for my code. Now I know.

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What I was explaining only applies to cloud-based data sources, not to local databases which is what you’re apparently using.

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