Best way to add/update App without full publishing

If I have an app that display certain cats, and I publish the app with 1 list of cats as a beta, what is the best way to update the list without publishing like a new app?

What is the best way to continue to build and update the app without messing up the published version?

I don’t want a new update or users to have to keep updating or redownload the app just because I make a new change to the list of cats I am displaying in my app. Can someone help me find the best way to update my app, keep working on my app, and make changes when needed?

If you just want to add to the list of cats, keeping the original list in the cloud somewhere will allow you to add new cats after you release it. You could keep your list in Google Sheets, or Airtable, or Firebase (cloud variables). But not localDB - that’d require an update to the app to change it. If you’re just starting out, both Google Sheets and Airtable have blocks to access them that work just like the localDB blocks, and can be added just like you added the localDB datasource. Firebase has a bit steeper learning curve.

Hope that helps! Ask another question if not!

p.s. If you want to change the app programming, then you DO need to update your app. :slight_smile:


I just want to thank you for your response, question when the app is updating will it automatically update when the user click on the app to open or how does that work? Will they have to go back to the App Store every time?

Hi there,

If your app calls data from the cloud, it will always call whatever you most recently set that cloud data to be.

For example, I could have a project that always shows the data from the first row of an Airtable DB.
If I update the data in the first row of my Airtable DB, then the next time I open my app, it will show the new data. No updates from the App Store are necessary!

This is exactly why cloud variables are so great to use. You can provide new data constantly without worrying about publishing an update, being reviewed, and waiting for your users to download the new update :grin:

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