How to change data without updating the app you released?

I made a news list through the data viewer list. I want to update this news list every day. But to renew, I think I have to keep updating the app in the store, but what if I want to update the news list on the app without having to?

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Store your data in an online database which you can update whenever you want.

Create an app which retrieves information or data from that database.

In future please consider searching the forum or google instead of spamming the forum as these kinds of questions have been answered before.

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Okay, I just set it up in the database. But the app I made is an app that many people use. When one person clicks on the viewer list, only that person is no longer visible, and those who have not yet clicked want to see the viewer list, but it is set up so that they can’t see anyone else at all. What should I do?

You asked this same question in another topic so I’m going to close this one. Please don’t create multiple posts/topics for the same question.