Questions about the database list

I used the database list. Many people will use this app, and assuming that there are apples, bananas, and grapefruits in the database list, if you click on apples, the person wants to stop the apples from appearing on the list. Others want to see the apple as it is, and I set it like this, but other people can’t see the apple and the database list disappears. What should I do?


You could have a master list in the cloud (if the data is likely to be updated at any point) and a list of excluded items on the client. Then, when the master list is accessed, the excluded items are removed from the visible data (you’d have to filter)

This allows the user to add back items at any time by removing the item from the exclusion list.

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t’s so hard. Can you tell me an example or a picture?

If a database is created with a table, isn’t the information provided in real time?

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