How to update the Data Viewer List?

Hi everyone,

A rookie here. I am using a Data Viewer List in screen A for displaying the data from the local table, those data are added by the user in the “Add new item” screen(screen B). After the user fills the input fields, the “Add” button will navigate to screen A, and showing the list. The data are store correctly, however, in order to make the list update, I need to close the app(swipe out the background running), and open the app again to see the new add item.

How do I make screen A update when open? Or what kind of functions should I add to the “Add” button in screen B to make it also refresh the list when navigating to it?

I had google this, found some similar cases, but those are outdated, and not working anymore.

Thanks for any help.

Hey @chc0123lcs, I have some ideas but i wonder do you really need to use a local db for this? how many pieces of info are you storing?

can you provide a screenshot of your blocks?

generally a ‘on screen open’ block is what you would use

Hi @jared, it is my bad not giving clear info here.

I did consider use Local DB before, but I am not using it now. I am just using DataSources’s “Create your own table.”
Here is what it looks like. I would say it depends on the user, but texts and a image per row shouldn’t be too big.

Screen B one of blocks:

The only block in Screen A right now:

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@jared, I saw the “on screen open”, but I having hard time for finding what should be include inside it. I saw an example from the search, somehow there is a “call ‘screen name’ do ‘function name’”, couldn’t locate where is that “call” block.

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