Add new content without updating

I am new to mobile app developing, and I was wondering how would it be possible for me to add more content to my app after I have published it on playstore without having users to constantly update the app for every new piece of content that is added.

Depending on your app you can save new content, if it’s images or sound, online somewhere.

Each time the user opens the app it can check if anything new has been added. If so, then it can download it.

This will only really work for new assets and you will need to create future-proof code to allow this to happen.

If there is a change to the code itself you won’t be able to do this and an update will be required.

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If you are referring to text-based content or graphical content that is dependent on text-based data, then it’s entirely possible to update your app using an external data source such as AirTable or Google Sheets. And since AirTable (and cloudinary) can also store images, it’s also possible to update/replace/remove images without publishing an official app update.


So if I connect my app to AirTable, any changes that I make on AirTable will automatically appear on my app?

Yes, as long as you code it that way. For example, you might use a loop or timer to force the data to update every so often.

See this for more info about linking AirTable to Thunkable:


Correct! You could also use something like on of the Data Viewer components, which give you access to both Google Sheets and Airtable as cloud storage options.


If I decided to use Google Sheets, can I use more than one? For instance, let’s say I have 2 screens, one contains all the categories that my content is divided into, and clicking on one of these categories would open another screen, in which different articles displayed. So could I have 1 google sheet that contains the categories, and other ones that at which content for each category is held?