Local DB - Will App Updates/New Releases Overwrite This Table?

  1. I have an app that has default settings stored in a Local DB. We will call it “Local_DB_1”.

  2. User installs v1 of app and changes default settings stored in Local_DB_1.

  3. User updates to v2 of same app. Does updating app OVERWRITE Local_DB_1 with defaults or will users settings still be there?

This question ONLY has to do with what happens to Local_DB_1. I’m not looking for registration suggestions and storing in another offline table. I ONLY want to know what happens to Local_DB_1 with the scenario described above.


Thanks for the clear questions @knownkeep!

As long as you’re working from the exact same Thunkable project (not a copy) and you’re incrementing the build number (or doing it automatically) then the data will be fine.

You can even build a simple sample app to test this out too.

Thank you @domhnallohanlon.

I think the piece I may have missed in testing was incrementing the build number. I’ll do some further testing. Thank you.

…or something unexpected happens. And no, we did not clone our projects to create a new ID for them. Instead, it was at the time Thunkable updated something in its backend:

We hope it was the last time it happened.