Media disappears from my local data source after app update


I built a diary app with photos and records saved to the local storage data source.
the user can scroll through a list and pick the past photo and record.
everything works fine until I upload a new version of my app.
when I do that the media disappears from the data source and as a user I cannot watch it anymore.
this thing doesn’t happen with text which remains the same after the update.
just to make it clear I haven’t change anything in the data source between the updates - the table should be the same with the written data on it.

is it a known bug?
is there something to do to make this work?

thank you!

i am doing simple thing also not work. not sure what going on.

I made a similar app 1 month ago, but it is more troublesome. If you want to know, please contact me:

Local_storage has a key which cannot be added so try using Local_DB