Local DB issue with APK file

While testing my app’s APK file, I noticed that the data modified on a LocalDB are not saved, when I restart my device for example. Is it a known bug?

Hi @mchr70, happy new year.

What blocks are you using to save and retrieve your data in the localDB?


Hello Domhnall,
Happy new year!
Thank you for your answer. I made a very simple project to demonstrate which blocks I use:


I retrieve the “language” value from the database and store it in a variable. Then I modify this variable and I store it again in the database.
The change is also not visible in the data table.
Thank you

Right now the values in the localDb are not saved between sessions. They work like variables do, where the value will be reset when you start the app again. We will add the ability to save the values between session in a future release.


When will you do it?