[Block] update value in

I’m trying to update a cell in Thunkable data source by using this block “update value in”

User presses a button and my blocks “get the value in” from the cell i want. Assign it to a variable. I update the variable amount. Then trying to save the new value to the data source cell.

@tatiang @domhnallohanlon Any idea what I’m doing wrong?

Screen Shot 2021-09-25 at 11.19.57 AM

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Why are you increasing ExpCow by 4?

Troubleshooting I think what is going on is. I’m adding to my data source in thunkable but when I test the app its not updating the data source in the test environment so when I go to Get or Update the value that, column doesn’t exist.

Is some server or api down right now? Going to clear my cache etc.

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Yes, there is a kind of issue.

I just tested it with Local Table and did the same with Google sheet. The same code works with Google sheet but fails with Local Table.

I’m still troubleshooting. I have found out that if I make changes to the local data source I have to uninstall the test app and reinstall to see the changes. Maybe I can clear app cache, see if that works too so I don’t have to keep reinstalling the test app.

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Local Table in Thunkable are saved under App Data not under cache. you need to clear both app cache and app data. No need to remove the app, just clear app data.

No way to clear app cache on this iphone 12 pro max ios14.7.1

If you know a way, much appreciated.

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I was referring to Android.

@domhnallohanlon I’ve confirmed the blocks work. If I make any changes to the local database I have to reinstall the test app on my iphone. :confused:

Back to coding…

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Somethings still not right. I’m going to try local database and the GetCell, SetCell. Hope this works…