Update my old app from API 28 to API 29

Here is my google app address link https://play.google.com/store/apps/developer?id=Sandip+Pramanik

All app are regional language in India. We want to update all app from API 28 to API 29. All app making with thunkable classic but now our developer is not complete to update.
Please anyone to update all our app from API 28 to API 29 with reasonable charges. Please Contact our mail ichaporeswapnapuronsociety@gmail.com

You can’t update them as Classic is no longer supported.

You’ll need to recreate them in Thunkable or transfer to another builder.


Those app use some extension but when we recreate it Thunkable X is not any option of Extension… Very bad sicutation

@pramaniksandip73zg4 which extension are you using?

A lot of the functionality is available natively in Thunkable now

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hello i have the same problem thunkable could not do that … let everyone in hand thunkablex does not meet our need…the problem is more and make the monthly payment … could leave both for those who are customers …