API Upgrade for Thunkable X Cross platform

I have developed an app on Thunkable X Cross platform. And because google has changed the API level requirement to 26, I am not being able to release the apk to Play Store.

Kindly guide me to change the api level using android studio or equivalent if you are not going to provide the updates in nearest future for Cross platform.

Thank you.

The release is coming by the end of the week, if you were reading the forum you’d know that. Anyway I’m no pro but you can’t change from 25 to lower since google changed it’s conditions. You’ll have to wait a few days.
Nice day :slight_smile:

Thank you very much for the information. X is a wonderful platform so will surely wait.


ICYMI: Latest Thunkable ✕ Release - Compatibility with Android 8.0 / API 26