Update and add image

Hi ! I have two question here and I hope the community could help me.

  1. Here is the coding block for my update function, When i click save, it will update the data on spreadsheet but on the screen it is not change and also other screen as I have the “index” variable which are Name, Staff ID and Email. But, i just want user can change their name and staff id.

  2. Next is still the same coding block, i wanted to have add image from device function, here is where user can add their image for the profile screen user’s image. I have tried but the picture was not displayed either on the profile screen or edit screen.

This are the screen, on the profile screen, the name, email and staff id are only displayed when the user log in and those information were from the user. So as i said the problem, the image was not displayed and the new data after update were not displayed as well. For information, i use spreadsheet as the database.

I hope u guys can help me solving this, thankyou in advance !

How are you initializing and setting the value of app variable index? What do your blocks look like on the profile screen? How are you creating the initial row in your data source? Update value blocks will update an existing row… do you already have a row? If not, you need to create a row first.

Is your data source a local data source? A Google Sheet? Airtable?

Hi ! thankyou for the reply.

Here is how I initialize and setting the index.

This is the profile screen coding block.

About the initial row in my data source, i don’t understand. I hope u can tell me about the row. And my data source is googlesheet.

The row id value has to be an integer or a pre-defined row id from a data source. It can’t be an object. So you need to delete the create object block connected to the initialize block.

Fix that and then see if your Google Sheet updates the value.

I’m not sure if you need to create a row before you update it so I would just try it the way you have it first (after deleting the create object block).

Alright thanks, what about add image function as I said earlier, do you know how to do it ?

I deleted the create object but it still the same if i dont delete it. Before this, it will updates on the Google Sheet but the updated value is not displaying, i need to log out and log in back to refresh it. So neither i delete the create object or not, it still update on the Google Sheets but not displaying the updated values. So how to display the updated values?


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